Heathcote&Co Manchester International Festival

Heathcote&Co Working with Manchester International Festival

Great Food, Great People, Great Atmosphere

Every two years Manchester International Festival descends upon the city with 18 brand new pieces of work designed by some of the world’s most creative minds from performance to pop, ballet to street poetry.

MIF have held works with Sir Kenneth Branagh playing Macbeth, in a mud bath, in a desecrated church, Skepta performing over three rooms within a tram shed, and an opening party in the highest penthouse in Manchester.

Heathcote&Co and MIF

Heathcote&Co have been on the journey and just occasionally been pushed to their creative best.

For 14 years we have worked with the festival team and its Managing Director Christine Cort; catering for events in disused mills, empty market halls, hundred foot teepees, museums, redundant TV studios and always on Albert Square, the hub, the draw, the celebration point for Manchester’s creative force.

What's on

The square hosts night clubs, live music, corporate events from breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and obviously pre theatre dinners. No shortage of after party’s, Idris Elba this year, the mad but wonderful year to witness the Royal Paris Ballet troupe, cutting less familiar shapes on the dance floor, in the Town Hall, with part time DJs Judd Law and Maxine Peek. It’s the creative stuff that not everyone is lucky enough to witness.

Heathcote&Co also pull together all of the supper clubs working in collaboration with Paul Heathcote’s friends and colleagues, from Michelin starred chefs to International pop ups. Always cutting edge always challenging!

Three Amazing Weeks

After three weeks in the centre of the city, the performance and party’s close down. The creative pieces of work are exported, and sold to the world appearing from Amsterdam to Australia. MIF is working on the world stage and Manchester is recognised as a cultural creator, an innovator a collaborator with the very best.

Heathcote&Co are proud to be the supporting act and part of its culture.

So, What's Next?

In to 2021 what surprises can we help create? For sure, like MIF, we won't be allowed to stay still. Without question its the hardest three weeks of our working year, mentally, creatively and physically.

We will keep you up to date as things develop, so keep your eye out for more information on the North's biggest festival.